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Who am I?  Why are we here?

"I am a practicing Catholic...  That is, I'm practicing at getting better at living my faith and bring Christ to others.  Some days are better than others at actually accomplishing that.

The Lord gave us  mouths with which to speak, and minds with which to think, and in this place, we put those to use so that we may seek him, and to find our purpose for which He put each of us here.

I am a commercial real estate broker in Dallas by day, and a father and husband 24/7.  I live in Waxahachie with Molly, two sons William and Matthew, and a Labrador named Winston."

-John Bielamowicz

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Submissions should follow these guidelines.

  1. Have a point of view.  Make a case.  Praise something or somebody who deserves it.  Be unafraid to call out an injustice.
  2. Be respectful.  While we're unafraid to confront issues in the church, we will always do it in a respectful and Christian way.
  3. The Catholic Church has dealt with heavy issues with far reaching and severe consequences in the past. If big issues need discussing, we will, but this is not a place for gossip or conjecture.