Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who are We?

...and why are we here?  To know God, to love God, and to serve God, of course!   But seriously, we're just a group of Catholics who believe discussion is good.  Truth is singular.  Discussing things help us understand and apply God's truth to our every day lives.

Hopefully this will grow into something bigger.  We believe that the laity needs a place to have dialogue with the Church.  The church needs to have discussion un-moderated by The Catholic Church.  Hopefully this will be that kind of place.

I subscribed to your newsletter but I haven't received anything...  what gives?

We're just getting started...  Would you like to help?  Drop us a line at

Are you affiliated with a diocese or the Catholic Conference of Bishops, or a specific parish?

No. We're just people like you, practicing (that is, we've not gotten it down yet, and we're trying to be better) Catholics.